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Providing Geospatial Intelligent Solutions & Services 

Your Technology Partner

GEOI Solutions partners with companies and organizations of all types to offer geospatial solutions and to empower and scale existing products with spatial technology. In short, we provide the expertise, consulting and services to deliver turn-key custom geospatial intelligent solutions for your application needs.

Our Core Competencies

Enrich your offerings and turn them into actionable spatial business insights. 

Needs Assessments

  Internal Assessments & Stakeholder Surveys
  Identify Gaps & Prioritize Needs
  Identify Business & Functional Needs
  Identify Desired Technology Features
  Recommend Appropriate Solution
  Create Implementation Plan
  Help define target audience  

Enterprise Integrations

  API Integration
  System interconnection
  Electronic data interchange
  Data Integration
  Hybrid enterprise integration
  Web and mobile application integration 

GIS/CAD Solutions & Services

  GIS/CAD System Design
  Data Acquisition
  Data Standardization/Normalization/Transformation
  Data conversion and migration ensuring data integrity
  Spatially enabled application development
  Geovisualization & Location-based solution implementation
  Geospatial data rectification and reconciliation 

Application & API Development 

  Help define API purpose
  Product Driven Approach
  Architect and Design API
  Build Custom Business Application
  Agile & Incremental Development
  Prototype testing and Documentation
  Execution & Sustainment 

Advanced Analytics & Dashboards

  Identify insights, opportunities and value
  Deliver value driven business intelligence
  Track data trends and patterns in real time
  Analyze data & build prototypes
  Analytic models, dashboards, and visualizations
  Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  Performance and operations monitoring 

AI / Machine Learning

   Self-learning algorithms
  Quick results and valuable data insights for complex problems
  Imagery object detection and data augmentation
  Task Automation to eliminate manual labor
  Pattern recognition to extract relevant insights
  Statistical modeling and methodology creation
  Data analysis and mining 

Our Business Process

The key engagement steps to delivering our successful implementation and development services


Internal Assessment

Meet Stakeholders, Gather Requirements and Perform Needs Assessment Services


Project Planning and Execution 

Create Goals & Milestones, Scope, Resource, Timeline Functional and Technical Specification Risk and Mitigation Strategies.  Development, Testing (Unit, System and Integrated) Deliverables & Implementation


Monitoring & Sustainment

Scope Verification and Change Control Risk Monitoring and Control Performance Reporting

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