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Advanced Data Processing, Analytics and Geospatial Web Applications

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811 Member Collaboration

GEOI’s Atmosphere Geoprocessing Suite and Atmosphere Cloud SaaS Platform gives 811 centers the freedom and control to deliver cutting-edge geospatial content, interactive experiences, and the ability to configure and deploy immersive mapping environments internally and to their utility members through a simple and user-friendly self-serve administrative online portal.

GEOI Solutions

Data Configuration & Geo Processing

GEOI provides 811 Centers with data configuration management tools consisting of an administrative user interface to capture, manage, and configure the parameters required for processing all the data from multiple contributors, including parcel data, building and address data points. The advanced data processor provides the ability to build complex geoprocessing workflows and perform asynchronous batch processing to dramatically improve the current data processing time. 

GEOI Solutions

Change Detection Analytics

Due to statewide road infrastructure growth and the increased volume of geospatial data updates from contributors to 811. Our technology provides Change Detection analysis between existing data and new updates to detect spatial changes, attribute changes, or both, as well as no changes. The application generates output datasets that will 811 centers to better understand the nature of the changes and to assist utility members with updating their
notification buffers. 

GEOI Solutions

Atmosphere Cloud SaaS

We empower 811 centers with web mapping applications that can be deployed on the web to give access to homeowners and utility members online web mapping tools powered by GEOI's Atmosphere Cloud technology stack. 

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