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Empowering System Collaboration

GEOI’s technology services and platforms are helping the power industry with geospatial integrations and analytics for improved outage management and trouble call analysis through a simple and user-friendly self-serve administrative online portal.

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Geospatial Systems Integration

Given that geospatial information can come from many different sources, and is managed by different groups in your organization – from engineering to billing - we provide the integration technology to easily discover and share this information among the stakeholders who need it most.

GEOI Solutions

Bi-Directional Interfaces

Continue to manage data where it belongs - in each system of record. GEOI provides API's and the technology framework to interface your geospatial technology with other critical enterprise systems in your organization to effectively collaborate, share and exchange information.

GEOI Solutions

Atmosphere Cloud SaaS

Access and manage your integrated project information (Field Data, GIS, SCADA, WMS, CMS. etc.) from one single conflated application view with GEOI's Atmosphere Cloud technology stack.

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