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GEOI Solutions brings the expertise to the commercial and industrial industries by combining CAD, GIS and Document Management to empower our users with the best of all worlds in one simple interface.

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Site Analytics

Our site analysis technology summarizes the site’s suitability for the planned uses. A variety of physical, biological, economic and cultural attributes can influence the site’s suitability for the project under consideration. Information contained in the site’s inventory maps can be synthesized to create one or more maps of the site’s suitability for development, generally, or its suitability for specific program objectives. Site suitability for a specific project is a function of the site’s assets and liabilities or opportunities and constraints.

GEOI Solutions

Asset Inventory Management

With GEOI's Asset Inventory Management (AIM) technology, you can turn your static design files, blueprints and floor-plans into intelligent and actionable insights for all your staff and maintenance needs. Our user-friendly hyper map technology allows you to search, access and drill down location-based data in your facilities via hyperlinks to data such as photos, documents, utility specs, schematics, notes, manuals and more. To learn more about how GEOI can custom tailor an on-premise or web-based AIM solution to fit your needs, contact us today.

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Maintenance Tracking

GEOI helps you stay on top of what needs to be done with automated preventive and repair maintenance alerts. Geospatial referencing, visual indicators, alerts, and mobile notifications are just a few ways you can be alerted when maintenance is due. Our technology and reporting engine can be configured to automatically calculate when preventive maintenance and repairs are due for your facility and equipment and helps you plan your activities accordingly based on the results. Using our AIM technology and Maintenance Tracking, clients can perform inventory analysis and create reports that will help plan their operational budgets.

GEOI Solutions

Atmosphere Cloud SaaS

We empower companies with web mapping applications that can be deployed on the web to give access to online web mapping tools powered by GEOI's Atmosphere Cloud technology stack. 

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