Atmosphere Geoprossessing Suite

Automated Workflows & Asynchronous Data Transformation for ESRI ArcGIS


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Streamline Your GIS Data Processing

Atmosphere Geoprocessing Suite allows users to build complex geoprocessing workflows in ESRI ArcGIS and performs asynchronous data transformation processing to dramatically improve the accuracy and the time involved during data integration processes.

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Built for ESRI ArcGIS

Atmosphere Geoprocessing Suite is an ArcGIS Add-In that enables GIS administrators with automation configuration tools to streamline complex data processing tasks. The Atmosphere technology strengthens existing features and adds new processing capabilities with a configurable engine to augment users’ geoprocessing workflows within their GIS.

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Configuration Data Manager

The Configuration Data Manager provides an administrative tool within the ESRI ArcGIS user interface to capture, manage and configure the parameters required for processing large volumes of data from multiple sources and contributors and streamlines the process of mapping the data to your source destination data model.  The configuration manager customizes your field mapping parameters, target field verification and folder configurations. One time set up remembers and stores your configuration so that you can run and repeat the process easily and efficiently as needed. 

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Advanced Data Processor

The Advanced Data Processor provides the ability to build complex geoprocessing workflows and to perform asynchronous batch processing to dramatically improve the current data processing time.

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Change Detection Analyzer

The Change Detection Analyzer performs change detection analysis between existing data and new updates to detect spatial  changes, attribute changes, or both, as well as no changes. It  creates an output data-set that will allows GIS administrators to better understand the nature of the changes and to assist them with updating their system of record. 

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Quality Assurance

Atmosphere Geoprocessing Suite makes quality control easier and more efficient.  It allows users to perform pre-validation checks to ensure a smooth processing experience with systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects associated with your data migration project and  to ensure that standards of quality are being met.

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