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A Wealth of Experience

GEOI Solutions has a wealth of expertise in the oil and gas industry. Our founding team alone has over 100 years combined experience in helping the oil and gas industry with regulatory compliance and integrity management needs. Learn more about how our technology framework can help streamline your integrity management process. 

GEOI Solutions

Regulatory Compliance

GEOI Solutions' team of pipeline technologists and consultants help and assist Oil & Gas operators to strategically develop regulatory compliant processes for data management, continual evaluation assessments, management of change and quality assurance processes. We focus on making sure our clients are covered when it comes to having the proper data and procedures for ensuring that each integrity assessment is being conducted in a manner that complies with PHMSA rules and regulations.

GEOI Solutions

Integrity Management

GEOI Solutions has developed strong automated data-mining capabilities for HCA, MCA, Class Location Detection & ILI Integrations.  We know where to look, where to get information, and how to migrate, categorize and normalize the data to meet integrity compliance needs. Most importantly, we have automated the process to keep your costs low and we maintain historical documentation of where the data came from and how current it is, in order to show due diligence. 

GEOI Solutions

Atmosphere Cloud SaaS

We empower oil and gas companies with web mapping applications that can be deployed on the web to give access to critical data, integrity analytics and online web mapping tools powered by GEOI's Atmosphere Cloud technology stack. 

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